29 Smuggler Escape From Lukhnow Airport Customs Custody After Mob Ruckus

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Lukhnow, 3rd April 2024: In a baffling turn of events at Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport in Lucknow, a group of twenty-nine individuals suspected of smuggling operations vanished without a trace from the custody of Customs Authorities. The incident unfolded when these individuals, arriving from Sharjah, were apprehended for carrying a significant quantity of contraband.


Customs officials, acting on intelligence, detained the group upon their arrival, seizing over 20 lakh cigarettes valued at a staggering 3.13 Crores, along with a sum of Rs. 23.90 Lacs in cash. However, amidst the chaos, the suspects managed to orchestrate their escape, leaving authorities dumbfounded.


In response to mounting speculation, Customs Authorities clarified that while no gold was recovered, the haul of cigarettes and cash was indeed confiscated. Despite efforts to contain the situation, the suspects orchestrated a disturbance and fled the scene, prompting authorities to file an FIR and launch legal proceedings against them.


The disappearance of smugglers has raised eyebrows, prompting scrutiny of security protocols and potential insider involvement. While investigations are underway, questions loom over the efficacy of airport security measures and the integrity of personnel tasked with combating illicit activities.