Delivering Safely: Swiggy Partners with Gurugram Traffic Police for Road Safety and Traffic Awareness Workshop

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Gurgaon April 3, 2024 – Swiggy, India’s leading on-demand convenience platform has partnered with the Gurugram Traffic Police to conduct a road safety and traffic awareness workshop for delivery partners in Gurugram under the ambit of Delivering Safely, its road safety charter.

The programme was conducted in the presence of SH Virendra Vij, IPS Deputy Commissioner of Traffic Police to educate and empower over 100 delivery partners in the NCR regarding road safety and accident prevention practices. Participants also received training on crucial aspects from SH Sukhbir Singh, HPS-ACP Traffic Police and ASI Rajesh on traffic rules, helmet usage, case studies, consequences of reckless driving, and parking etiquette.

This was followed by a helmet distribution session and a vibrant roadshow by Swiggy’s delivery partner fleet, to showcase Swiggy’s commitment to promoting responsible driving practices.

“Road accidents, and resultant fatalities and injuries are a big scourge for India. Every year these cost the Indian economy 4-5 per cent of the GDP. Most of the victims are pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists, with many of them in their prime working age. Under the charter of Delivering Safely, Swiggy is committed to the welfare of its delivery partners by conducting regular road safety awareness in association with police authorities. We hope to improve traffic sensitisation to delivery partners and to improve their safety,” said a Swiggy spokesperson.

Over the years, Swiggy has conducted drives in different cities across India in its commitment to enabling a safe working environment for its delivery fleet. All delivery partners at Swiggy are provided with insurance that protects them on the road.

Last year, in an industry-first initiative, Swiggy partnered with Dial 4242 to provide on-demand, free, and fast ambulance services to its delivery partners. Swiggy also has Emergency Support Services (ESS), which encompasses various options to cater to the needs of delivery partners during an emergency or mishap on the road. The ESS includes 24*7 hotline numbers, emergency cards for delivery partners, and a direct link to the local police and ambulance service via an SOS button on the delivery partner app.

For Swiggy, the safety and well-being of its delivery partners and the wider community are paramount. All delivery partners go through a road safety guidance module at the time of onboarding. The platform also conducts safety campaigns offering support and guidance throughout the year.