Suryadatta National School observes the Punyatithee of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule : THE BEACON OF LIGHT

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28 NOV 2018 PUNE : Suryadatta National School observed the 127th Punyatithee of
Mahatma Jyotiba Phule on November 28 th , 2018 to execute the
quintessence of the legendary stalwart’s ideology of inclusive


Mahatma Phule was a staunch exponent of progressive social mindsets
amidst the stagnation of conservative pedanticism. Suryadatta National
School pragmatically demonstrated the core principles of Mahatma Phule’s
imperative struggle.


A moment of solemn silence was observed at the campus to pay humble
obeisance to this true beacon of light. The students shared the anecdotes
from Mahatma phule’s inspiring life lore. Piyush Banerjee of class 10
student delivered an impressive speech on the revolutionary impact of
Mahatma Phule’s work on the warp and woof of the colonial mindset of
rigid conservatism .The students ruminated over the emphatic courage
demonstrated by him in the face of debilitating social pathos which finds
echo in their CBSE curriculum. The students were immersed in the
narration of the hardy social experiments he spearheaded in the dark hole
of the pre-independent India. Suryadatta National School’s secular

apostles to education simplifies and justifies the learning equilibrium in its


The teachers and students have been rightly attuned to the thoughts,
words and deeds of the which is the humble tribute to the social crusader.