43-year-old woman undergoes successful hip replacement surgery

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Pune, January 18, 2020: The 43-year-old, Shilpa Thadeshwar Mumbai resident suffered from diabetes, Obesity with 106kg weight and osteoporosis, which led her to difficulty in walking, squatting, sitting cross legged and literally crippled her from attending to her daily chores and hence, was bedridden for 14 months.

The patient was diagnosed with bilateral intracapsular fracture neck of femur because of a trivial fall. Due to additional health problems like osteoporosis, diabetes and obesity there was a high risk in performing hip replacement surgery and therefore the patient remained untreated because of the above risk factors for the tenure of 14 months. After a year of surgery and thorough post-operative care, Mrs Thadeshwar is completely mobile and independent to take control of her life and her day-today activities. The case showcased sustainability of implant procedures and its effectiveness in patients with multiple complications.

Mrs. Thadeshwar was admitted under the supervision of Dr Pradeep Bhosale, Director – Institute for Bone, Joint Replacement, Orthopaedics Spine and Sports Medicine who led a team of specialists, and the surgery was successfully performed.

“We took a great courage to treat this patient as the patient remained bedridden for a long time with complication observed like severe leg pain, high weight, low vitamin, sugar and calcium. After complete pre-operative planning we performed bilateral single stage total hip joint replacement taking care of good soft tissue balancing and perfect bilateral total hip replacement surgery. However, it was not easy to make patient walk on the same day but she was able to walk confidently,”said Dr Bhosale.

“The surgery was uneventful, after one year 9 months patient is active and walking independently without any walking aid. She wants to undergo obesity surgery to reduce her present weight of 104 kgs.Dr Bhosale further added.

Mrs. Thadeshwar said, “When I came to Nanavati Hospital I was in severe pain and was facing a lot of issues related to walking and mobility. Despite several clinical investigations including endocrinological and orthopaedic, none of the doctors in Mumbai could offer a concrete solution to the problems. After baring with the pain for 14 months my family fortunately came in contact with Dr Bhosale who suggested a unilateral hip replacement surgery which can resolve the mobility issues. I am thankful to Dr Bhosale and Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital for the excellent treatment due to which today I can walk independently and do all my work.”