44 Couples Get Married On Valentine’s Day In Pune

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Pune, 15th February 2023: 44 couples in Pune chose to celebrate their love by getting married through registration on Valentine’s Day. The trend of getting married on this auspicious day has been increasing every year. Couples often prefer this day to tie the knot as it is widely celebrated as the day of love across the world.

In addition to following traditional practices such as horoscopes and muhurtas, the number of registered marriages has also been on the rise. These marriages are conducted under the Special Marriage Act, without any barrier of caste or religion. The simple and hassle-free process of registered marriages has contributed to their increasing popularity.

40 couples had already pre-registered with the marriage registry office to coincide with Valentine’s Day. With four more couples joining them, the total number of couples who got married on this day rose to 44. This occasion was celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy by the newlywed couples, their families, and friends.

Getting married on Valentine’s Day is seen as a romantic gesture, and the rising trend of registered marriages on this day reflects the changing attitudes towards marriage and relationships. It also highlights the importance of love and commitment in the lives of people, and the increasing recognition of the freedom to choose one’s partner irrespective of caste or religion.