45-Year-Old Supervisor From Pimpri-Chinchwad Dies In Barge P305 Accident

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Mumbai, May 21, 2021: Barge P305 has been submerged near Mumbai due to cyclone Tauktae. However, the rescue operation by the Indian Navy team is ongoing. So far, 49 bodies have been recovered from the ship. Apart from this, many people are still missing. Nilesh Pitale, who was in the same boat, also died in the accident. Nilesh Pitale, 45, was originally from Pimpri-Chinchwad.

Nilesh’s brother Vishwanath Pitale has expressed deep sorrow over this whole incident and said that the administration is responsible for what happened. Meanwhile, on May 15, he had a talk with his brother. At that time, Nilesh had told him, “I am going on a ship now and since there is no network, I can’t talk to you. When I get home, I’ll call. But then cyclone Tauktae sank his barge and I lost my brother.”

Meanwhile, after the cyclone hit Mumbai, the navy had launched an immediate rescue operation to rescue people stranded at sea. Currently, 5 INS ships including INS Kochi are still in the rescue operation. There were a total of 261 people on the barge P305. Of these, 188 have been released. The bodies of 49 people have been recovered. Others are still being searched by the Navy.

The Navy was able to rescue 188 people aboard the Barge P305, but 49 people died in the accident including Nilesh Pitale of Pimpri. Nilesh has been working as HSE Supervisor on this barge for the last two years. But he died when the barge sank in cyclone Tauktae.

Rescue operation is still on

186 people have been rescued from the P305 barge accident on the afternoon of the 19th. There were 261 people on this barge. The search operation is still going on. We are in touch with ONGC, the Indian Navy, and the Indian Coast Guard. We are searching for the lost through them.

How many employees were on which barge?

  • Of the total 261 people on the P305 barge, 13 were Afcons
  • There were a total of 202 people on the SS3 barge, and 8 of them were employees of Afcons
  • Gal Constructor had 137 people on the barge and 8 of them were employees of Afcons
  • Of the 268 people on the Trinity Nissi barge, seven were Afcons employees
  • There were 203 people on the Falcon Warrior barge, 6 of whom were employees of the Afcons
  • There were 170 people on the Ocean 303 barge, 8 of whom were Afcons employees