7000 Residents Receive Oxygen in Mumbai, Pune

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Shrirampur, 3rd July 2021: As a week-long annual Van Mahotsav (Forest Festival) began on 1st July, over 7,000 households in Mumbai and Pune will be able to celebrate the festival by receiving the saplings of Medicinal and Oxygen Plants right at their doorsteps. This will be the first-ever occasion when people will get plant saplings at their homes and they can plant them in gardens, terrace gardens, or other premises.

KisanKonnect, the state’s fastest growing farmer-owned online marketplace for vegetables and fruits, has organised this first-ever, unique and biggest initiative in India to give away over 7,000 plant saplings – free of cost – to over 7,000 families in Mumbai and Pune at their homes. As the entire country, including Maharashtra, is observing Van Mahotsav from 1st July to 7th July, KisanKonnect has marked this special occasion to appeal to people to actively participate in the plantation drive by planting Medicinal and Oxygen plant saplings in their homes and protect the environment at homes and outside.

Under the drive, KisanKonnect will complete the delivery of 7,000 saplings to people in Mumbai and Pune at their doorsteps till July 7th. The plant saplings of Tulsi, Aloe Vera and Money Plant that have Oxygen or Medicinal properties, are being distributed.

Every day, KisanKonnect will deliver saplings to about 1,000 households in both cities. It has chosen 7,000 environment-conscious families from a survey in Mumbai and Pune that measured people’s environment-friendly habits and initiatives. These families, who have already practiced better and right food habits by consuming hygienic, fresh and nutritious vegetables and fruits, will be appreciated by KisanKonnect through these give-aways of saplings. KisanKonnect’s Bandhus have started distributing the saplings from July 1st. In two days, it has distributed over 3,000 saplings.

“We want people to understand the need for a better ecology where Oxygen and Medicinal Plants play a major role, particularly; post the pandemic. To mark the Van Mahotsav differently, we came up with India’s first-ever drive where plant saplings are being handed over to people at their homes and not anywhere outside. Considering the restrictions of the second wave of the pandemic, we thought the homes are the best places for people to plant oxygen and medicinal plants that will keep their families in safe and hygienic conditions. Besides, they can actively engage along with children at homes, into plantation. We have been receiving good response from people and they are vowed to plant more, as we have been appealing them to,” said Vinod Gunjal, Agronomist, KisanKonnect.

KisanKonnect has handed over the saplings to many children who are stuck at their homes due the pandemic. Added Gunjal, “We are giving a message to kids that trees increase production of food resources, as well as, condition the environment and hence, they must plant trees. We are giving a message along with the sapling where we are highlighting why and how tree plantation is everybody’s responsibility. Going forward, we will make this drive bigger and encourage more children to take this up.”

Gunjal also said, “People are fast moving to consumption of farm-fresh, safe and hygienic vegetables and fruits buying, as they are becoming health conscious; as a response to the pandemic. The technology has solved their want of buying nutritious and safe vegetables and fruits directly from the farms by ordering online. As they are becoming health-conscious, our gift of plant saplings will make them environment-conscious. KisanKonnect has resolved to create a generation of health and environment-friendly generation”.

The Van Mahotsav is observed nation-wide in the first week of July every year with an aim to encourage people to plant trees and create more forests in the country. The Government of Maharashtra is also celebrating the Van Mahotsav and KisanKonnect has been supporting the cause by appealing to people to become environment–conscious through plantation.


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