A Pune Author Introduces New Philosophies Through His Novel, A Man with A White Shadow

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Pune, 8th April 2022: Vikram Suryawanshi, who is the CEO of Pericles Ventures, a company housing three magazine outlets, Mirror Review, The Education Magazine, and Business APAC has started his own Publishing Company, Readers Meet. Through this publishing company, Vikram has published his first novel A Man with A White Shadow.



The fictional novel portrays the story of three brothers, Karan, Arjun, and Rutvik. These three brothers are grown in the same environment but have distinct personalities and perceptions of life. Karan wants to work for society, Arjun is an entrepreneur and Rutvik is an explorer. Vikram showcases how their philosophies shape their lives and how their personalities are changed throughout their journeys.



The book has a parallel storyline of one of the sons of God, Ganesha. Ganesha takes a look at how humans live their lives and wants to change the world. Through this storyline, the author introduces new philosophies where he disregards both the philosophies of Atheists and Believers. Vikram shares that God has not written our destinies, but every person before he is born has written the path he takes and the events that occur to him.



Through this novel, Vikram shares the importance of knowing our true selves, so that we can judge what we have written in our destinies. In a very subtle way, he speaks that it is possible to figure out why certain events have occurred in personal lives and if a person is enough awakened, he can predict what is going to happen to him.



The book has got numerous reviews and all the readers seem to enjoy the novel. Vikram shares that he has started his own publication house because he wants to work on books that push the existing understanding of the world and have the potential to change the world.



About Readers Meet:


Readers Meet is a Pune-based publishing company that helps authors to publish their work in flexible ways. After publishing the first novel, Vikram Suryawanshi, the publisher of the company claims that he will be personally editing the next few novels and gift the world precious gems.