A variety of reciepes from almond enriches our daily lives

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7 FEB 2019 , Pune- often referred to as the king of all nuts, almonds are versatile nuts that from a delicious part of our daily lives and offer natural goodness in every bite. Owing to their crunchy scrumptious and nutrious nature almonds can be made a part of our daily diet in various ways. A unique and special cookout session conducted in pune helped take this idea forward where almonds were the main ingredient involving unique snacking and festive recipes demonstrated by homemakers of the city.

The session was conducted by Chef Nitin Shitole and Nutrionist Avanti Deshpande.

Nutrionist Avanti Deshpande highlighted that “almonds are a powerhouse of 15nutrients such as vitamin E, magnesium dietary Fibre, protein and more.” Handful of almonds promotes promotes the feeling of fullness, helping you keep hunger at bay. They are naturally high in dietary Fibre and low in sugars.