AART, Pune & Shout It Out Media to organize an adoption camp on October 28

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Pune, Oct 23 : In keeping with a number of stray dogs and cats being troubled, poisoned or simply reproducing in large numbers, a number of NGOs and animal activist groups encourage families to adopt stray dogs and cats with two motives – bettering the lives of these strays, and reducing the practice of illegal animal breeding. Not to forget the immense health benefits that animal comfort and support can bring.

Keeping the same thought in mind, this month, the Animal Adoption and Rescue Team (AART), Pune in collaboration with Shout It Out Media is organizing an adoption camp on October 28 in Pune.

A number of stray puppies and kittens are expected to be up for adoption. The camp, to be held at Kalmadi Shamrao High School, Kothrud will welcome interested families and pet lovers to stop by and adopt the puppy or kitten of their choice between 11 am and 4 pm.

Bharati Tambe, founder, AART said, “Stray puppies and kittens that come to the camps are rescued from the streets and fostered by our volunteers. When the animals are healthy, volunteers put them up for adoption since the animals can’t fend for themselves on the streets.”

Until now, AART has organized over 18 adoption camps out of 120 adoption camps held in Pune. Over 430 stray puppies and 210 kittens, a number of adult dogs and a few rabbits have been adopted through the organization’s effort.

Out of growing concern for street dogs, Bharati Tambe started AART – Animal Adoption and Rescue Team in 2007, to help shelter the strays, take care of their food, and self-defense. Every year, hundreds and thousands of female dogs get tortured when in heat, some die due to starvation, while some are abandoned ruthlessly.

Today, AART has 600 volunteers, the youngest one being 7 years to the oldest one being 75 years. They also welcome volunteers of all ages and guide them to take care of animals in their locality.

At the upcoming adoption camp, all prospective pets will first need to register, tag their foster pet with a number and get checked by the vet. The gates will then open for potential adopters to select the pet of their choice. On selection, the prospective pet parent will be counseled by our team and on meeting all adoption criteria, the adoption forms will be signed wherein an address proof copy, a photograph of the adopter is maintained with the forms for regular follow-ups.