“Actors Don’t Need To Stress About Box Office Earnings,” Says Tabu

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Mumbai, 18th August 2022: Nowadays, the audience is very interested to know how much the film has earned. This might be the reason why actors are now taking their films’ box office collections seriously. However, actress Tabu has told the actors not to worry about the box office issue in Bollywood.


Tabu said, “I don’t really think about it. I think actors don’t need to stress about it. Just our work should be good and the film should be good. It is for the makers to be concerned about the box-office numbers. But yes definitely it feels good when your film performs well.”


Tabu added, “When a film becomes a hit, everyone benefits in some way or the other. But if it doesn’t do well, I’m not sure how much it hurts you.”


She further said, “Whether a film is a hit or a flop does not immediately decide the fate of an actor’s career, it takes time. I don’t think an actor’s career ends as soon as a film flops. It is also not that due to a film being a flop, they stop getting work.”


Talking will be seen in Bhola, Drishyam 2 with Ajay Devgan and Dog. Tabu’s last release film Bhool Bhulaiyaan 2 has been the highest grosser film of this year.