Actress Heena Panchal learning Pole Dance under the guidance of Smilie Suri

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Actress Heena Panchal has been sending the temperatures soaring with her latest dance moves. This is not any dance move for her film but dance moves to keep herself fit. For the uninitiated, pole-dancing is not just relegated to saucy stripper acts – it is the buzzword for fitness and health among celebs nowadays.Heena joins the bandwagon of actresses who have taken up pole dancing as a fitness regime.‘Malaika’ of south Indian film Heena Panchal has given all her fans serious fitness goals by posting her work out videos on her Instagram account. Pole dancing is what she has a taken a liking to lately to keep herself fit. The video comes from the actress’ dance session with her pole dance instructor Kalyug Actress Smilie Suri who is giving Pole Training to her. Heena’s known to be one of the fittest actresses in the industry and she works very hard to maintain that shape. Heena has just shared a sizzling video where she is dancing on the pole donning a bold avatar.

Heena Panchal Said, “Pole dancing is a great way to work on your fitness. It’s not only a great form of exercise but a whole lot of fun too, that’s the reason it’s gaining popularity. Smilie Suri is a great teacher you should join her and she is organizing Shakti Pole Camp 1.0 which is happening in May from 3rd to 6th May Art in Motion Khar. Please come and join”.