Aditya Roy Kapur’s Hidden Talent Unveiled: Embarks On A Musical Journey With Upcoming Album

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Mumbai, 20th July 2023: In addition to his accomplishments as a video jockey and actor, Aditya Roy Kapur is renowned for his musical talents. His videos, showcasing him playing the guitar and singing, have captivated numerous fans. An avid rock music enthusiast, Aditya has often expressed his dedication to honing his musical craft despite his busy schedule. Interestingly, he has portrayed musicians in two of his films. In “London Dreams” (2009), he portrayed a live performer, while in “Aashiqui 2” (2013), he played a musical sensation facing career challenges, a role that remains deeply ingrained in the hearts of his fans even after a decade.

Now, in an exclusive interview with News18, Aditya reveals his plans to take his love for music to the next level. He shares that he’s currently working on an album, which he hopes to release soon. Music has always been his passion and hobby, but now he’s pursuing it more seriously.

Over the years, Aditya has been privately creating musical pieces, known only to those in his close circle. However, he now wishes to share his compositions with his fans and show a different side of himself. He discloses, “I’ve been writing songs and composing stuff over the years for myself and my group of friends. I think it’s time for me to share my creations with the world. So, yes, there will be something to share with everyone.”

Regarding singing for his films in the past, Aditya mentions that it was a possibility, particularly during “Aashiqui 2.” Director Mohit Suri had suggested him go into the studio to sing the songs for the film, as he was portraying a singer in the movie. Although it didn’t materialize, Aditya recalls his time in the recording studio, where he wholeheartedly sang the songs of “Aashiqui” despite any flaws in his performance, amusingly mentioning that they might have muted him on the other side of the studio.

While he hasn’t sung in any film yet, Aditya hints that it might happen shortly. He believes that singing is universal, whether in Hindi or English, but he would like to work on his Hindi singing skills if he were to sing for a film in the future. As for his upcoming projects, the actor will be seen in filmmaker Anurag Basu’s “Metro In Dino.”