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Life cell International Private Limited (Stem cell Banking): The advertisement’s “Gynaecologists Recommended” claim support data was not considered to be recent and inadequate to make such claim currently. Also, the source of the research study was also not quoted in the advertisement. Further the advertisement states, “Life cell the #1 Cell Bank” was not substantiated. The claim in the advertisement, “Choice of over 1, 30,000 parents” was not substantiated and was misleading by ambiguity as this number of samples preserved need not correspond to 1, 30,000 parents as one parent could have provided more than one sample.

Shathayu Ayurveda (Manage Diabetes by Ayurveda Panchakarma – Detox): The claims in the advertisement, “Manage diabetes by Ayurveda Panchakarma (detox)”, “Pacifies/Prevents the diseases”, “Improves strength & complexion” and “Increases immunity”, were not substantiated.

M/S. S. A. Safiullah & Co (Nizam Pakku): The advertisement is about taking arecanuts. The voiceover of a child in the advertisement is likely to encourage minors to consume the product which could cause harm to them.

Iqra Herbals (IH3 Capsules-Penis Enlargement Capsules): The claims in the advertisement, “No need to be average”, “Add size to your manhood” and “Best Product”, were not substantiated with product efficacy data.  Also, the claims read in conjunction with the advertisement visual, imply that the product is meant for enhancement of sexual pleasure, which is in breach of the law as it violates The Drugs & Magic Remedies Act.

Apollo Heart Centre (Heart Blockages treatment without Operations): The claims in the advertisement, “Heart Blockages treatment without operation”, “to increase pumping capacity of Heart (Ejection fraction) by EECP Machine”, “Guaranteed results” and “US FDA approved therapy”, were not substantiated.


Seven Mantras: The claim in the advertisement, “Delivery Charges Rs.99/- extra”, was found to be false.

Snapdeal: The claim in the advertisement, “free delivery” was not substantiated.

OLX India ( The phrase “kahan se kharchega paise, baniye ka jo poot hai, aadhe khakhe diya dhaba jisme dry fruits hai” used in the advertisement was deriding a certain caste of people (baniya).

Koovs Marketing Consulting Pvt. Ltd. ( The scenes in the advertisement – “a girl jumping from a top floor of a building to a shirt which is hanging in the air, a girl jumping from a balcony and falling down a few floors down across the staircase, a boy jumping down from the balcony straight into the outfit, without justifiable reasons show and encourage dangerous practices, manifest a disregard for safety and encourage negligence. Regardless of the disclaimer, the advertisement contravened the ASCI Codes due to the objected visuals being shown.

Uber India (Uber Cabs): The claim in the advertisement, “Switch to Uber @ Rs.9/-per km period”, was not substantiated and was also misleading by omission of any disclaimer that other additional charges are also being charged per minute/per trip.


Bharti Airtel Ltd. (50 % Cash back): The advertisement by Airtel showcases a girl entering a room of friends in the night and tells them to use internet on their phone in the night because they will get 50% cash back the next day. Regardless of the disclaimer, the word “Cash Back” in the claim “50% cash back on night internet” is incorrect and is misleading.

Bharti Airtel Ltd. (Unlimited songs for free): The advertisement claims “unlimited song downloads for free on Airtel”, is misleading by ambiguity as the data plan is required to be purchased and the “download activity” for the unlimited music is also not free as there is an applicable data charge.

Bharti Airtel Ltd. (50% data offer): In the advertisement, Airtel claims “50% data offer” during night time from 12am to 6am. The language of the super in the advertisement was not in Hindi and the hold duration of the disclaimer in the TVC was less than 4 seconds. Thus, the TVC contravened the ASCI Guidelines on Supers.


Tata Steel (Tata Shaktee steel roofing sheets): The advertisement’s claim, “usage of Asbestos roofing sheets is hazardous to health”, was not substantiated and was found misleading by gross exaggeration. The advertisement also claims, “Superior in quality”, which was not substantiated. Also, the visual of asbestos roofing with a hole was considered to unfairly denigrate asbestos cement sheets.

Devi Lal Tantrik: The claims in the advertisement, “Devi Lal Tantrik – specialist in love marriage, vashikaran, videsh mein pakka hone main rukavat, naukri, karobar, lottery, satta”, were false, misleading by exaggeration, and these claims exploits consumers’ lack of knowledge and are likely to lead to grave or widespread disappointment in the minds of consumers.

Honda Cars India Ltd (Honda Amaze): The claims in the advertisement, “lowest turning radius”, “25.8 kmpl”, and “High Ground Clearance”, were not substantiated.  Also, the Super hold duration did not meet the ASCI’s Super Guidelines, and the disclaimer in the advertisement was not legible.

Agarwal d2d Packers and Movers Ltd.: The claim in the advertisement, “60% people in the country Shift through us”, was not substantiated.

Bharti Axa Life Insurance Company Ltd. (Bharti Axa Life Invest Once): The advertisement claims, “10 guna life cover”, “Tax benefits” and “Up to 9% guaranteed additions”, was found incorrect. In a scene in the advertisement showcasing the couple “only contemplating”, as argued by the advertiser, was found to be wrong as the advertisement shows the couple ending the confusion by accepting the pitch for the product.  Buying the advertised product for “Confusion Ka End” makes fun of the decision making process for investing money. The advertisement also claims “with life insurance get the investment benefit too” which was found incorrect. The advertisement picking up one aspect for comparison FD (taxable), Gold (rates down), equity investment Markets (volatility) to push “Confusion Ka End” with Bharti AXA Life Invest Once was considered unjustified.