Air pollution controlling device installed in Pune to curb pollution at traffic signals

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PUNE- To curb the growing menace of air pollution, a path-breaking product Pollution Controller Unit, designed and created by innovator Amol Chaphekar, Director (Innovations & Technology- Gabriel Enviro), was installed at Janata Sahakari Bank , Head Office , Bajirao Road. It was officially inaugurated at the hands of Pune Mayor Mukta Tilak. The project is supported by Janata Sakakari Bank by providing space for installation.

Pollution Controller Unit is built with Patented technology for suction of polluted air. This polluted air is filtered by the system and then breathable air is release back to the environment. The unit is powered by a 0.5 HP Single Phase, 4 Pole Motor with Cleanable & Reusable Filters. The Units Suction – Flow Capacity is 2000 CFM (Cubic Feet Per Min).

“Pollution Levels are rising on a daily basis specifically in Heavy Traffic zones. It is very hazardous for health to breathe this polluted air leading to respiratory ailments.  The Victims are generally those who are on foot or on a 2 wheeler, explained chaphekar.

 “Pollution Controller” is a unit designed and manufactured to control rising vehicle pollution at High Traffic Zones & Areas like Traffic Signals, Toll Booths, Crowded & High Traffic Zones in your City/ Area, Railway Stations Parking & Drop Off Zones, Bus Stand Parking Areas.  With the use of this product, people can breathe good quality air at the high traffic zones, he added.

The company plans to Install 1 Lac Units in India in this financial year. It will install, maintain and service these Units at no cost to the organization. These Units will be installed at Schools, Colleges, Banks, Malls, Hospitals, IT Parks.Soon 200 Units in Thane will be installed.