Airbags Made Mandatory For Front Passenger Seat In New Cars, Know Why It Is Needed


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New Delhi, 1st July 2021:The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways have made dual front airbags mandatory for all passenger vehicles sold in India. A deadline was also set for this, in which automakers had time till April 1, which has been extended recently. Now this deadline has been pushed forward till 31 December 2021. Front passenger airbags will be mandatory for all cars sold in India from next year.

The reason behind extending the date is the time sought by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM). Know why airbags mandatory for the front passenger seats in a new car.

Whenever an accident happens, the driver is already holding onto the steering and the airbag is also opened, due to which he remains safe but the front passenger does not have support, which can cause serious injury during an accident and his head can also hit the windshield. In such a situation, the airbag is as important for the driver as it is for the front seat passenger.

If your car gets into an accident and hits the front side, the front seat passenger’s head can hit the dashboard which is made of hard plastic or wooden material. This can cause a serious head injury. In this case, the airbag comes in handy and protects the head from hitting the dashboard.

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