Akasa Airlines Launches New Direct Flights Between Pune and Goa Amidst Capacity Concerns

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Pune, 6th January 2024: In a bid to facilitate seamless travel during peak seasons, Akasa Airlines has introduced direct flights between Pune and Goa. The airline’s new service aims to cater to the increasing demand for convenient travel options between these two popular destinations.

The Pune to Goa route will offer an evening flight departing at 5:35 PM, ensuring a swift one-hour journey and reaching Goa by 6:35 PM. Conversely, the return journey from Goa to Pune will commence at 3:45 PM and touch down in Pune at 4:45 PM, maintaining a similar one-hour flight duration.

However, despite the positive news of this new flight service, concerns about the city’s airport capacity have been raised. Former MCCIA president Sudhir Mehta highlighted the persistent efforts to secure additional flight connections between Pune and Goa. Discussions with Akasa Airlines led to an application for a new flight slot, yet the reality presents a harsh truth.

Mehta pointed out that all available daytime slots at Pune Airport have already been allocated, reflecting the saturation of civilian air travel operations. The pressing need to expand the runway has become evident, as the current allocation fails to accommodate new flight services. Pune’s aviation aspirations are currently constrained at 100% capacity, further compounded by escalating demands.

Efforts are underway, with active collaboration between concerned stakeholders and airport authorities, to address this glaring concern and pave the way for potential expansions. However, the existing limitations pose a significant obstacle to the realization of further flight options between Pune and Goa.