Altercation in Pune Gym Leads to Serious Injury; Four Individuals Booked

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Kondhwa, 29th December 2023: A disturbing incident unfolded at the Elina Living Society gym on NIBM Road in Pune, where a person was subjected to abuse and another sustained a serious injury to the eye during an altercation with four individuals. The incident occurred on Tuesday night, prompting the victim’s wife to file a complaint at the Kondhwa Police Station.

On the evening of December 26, a confrontation erupted at the Elina Living Society gym when four individuals, identified as Rupesh Chavan, Sagar Shejul, Raju Bindra, and Samuel, confronted a man exercising in the gym. The victim was reportedly targeted with verbal abuse and physically assaulted, resulting in a severe injury to his left eye.

The victim’s wife complained with the Kondhwa Police Station on December 27, detailing the sequence of events that transpired in the gym. A case has been registered against the four accused individuals, who are residents of Elina Living, NIBM Road, Mohammedwadi.

According to the police report, the altercation began when the accused, particularly Rupesh Chavan, confronted the victim, stating that the gym was not accessible to members of specific wings of the society. The situation escalated, leading to verbal abuse. Samuel joined the confrontation, insisting that the victim and his wife should leave the gym. Raju Bindra reportedly held the victim from behind, while Rupesh Chavan struck him in the left eye with a heavy object, causing a serious injury.

The case is under investigation by Police Sub-Inspector Vaibhav Sonavane, who is working to gather further details about the incident.