Amodadeals mobile app- the country’s largest Hyperlocal Sales Platform plans to bring customers back to shops.

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The startup is likely to give the established E-Commerce giants a run for their money.

Pune, Thursday, November 5, 2015: Amodadeals, the best example of glocal deals ( Go Local) , is a mobile app based Deals, Discounts, Stock clearance, SKU sales platform for Retailers, Small Businesses, Large Shops and any kind of unorganized or organized retailers. A brand of Amoda Infotech Pvt. Ltd., it is headquartered in Pune and has presence in15 other locations across India. Amodadeals spent the last 4 months in Seller Onboarding process (Making retailers join the Mobile App and extend various deals, discounts, sales coupons and now SKU) it is the country’s largest Hyperlocal Sales Platform with primary focus in tier II and tier III locations in addition to cities like Nagpur, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Gurgaon. It has 76000 sellers throughout India onboard and aims to have 1Lakh sellers onboard by the end of the year.
It has raised 1 million dollars through HNIs and is set to raise another million in the next month. It also has 500 new deal customers visiting the application everyday

Amodadeals has been formally launched in Nagpur. The app holds a host of benefits for customers as well as retailers. To begin with, Customers in any city will be able to see all deals, discounts, offers from shops in their area and other parts of the city while deciding to purchase the product of their choice. Customers will now receive  their purchase  on the same day, get it returned if found defected, visit the shop any time and ensure that every purchase is genuine as opposed to the telephone helpline and endless waiting in E-commerce.

Whereas for retailers, as more of them adopt this platform, more people will start ordering from their favorite shops which will result in an increase in the shop keeper’s turnover and will in turn allow him to give better discounts to his regular customers. Amodadeals platform thus enables retailers to attract customers back to their shops and increase footfall.

The platform enables smart local commerce in tier II and III cities by deals discovery for specialty categories from local businesses through mobile. Amodadeals has a business model that aims at addressing the challenges in e-commerce and providing effective solutions for the same. It also targets key gaps which are not addressed by any industry peers in Tier II and III cities. Exclusive deal arrangements, in-depth local know how and integration with merchants’ SKU are the 3 primary drivers for competitive advantage.