An Arse of Madness for Pune!!

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The new comedy club & bar in town saw Atul Khatritake the stage and entertain guests, making them laugh their ‘arses’ off, followed by a musically inclined live performance by The Mad Hatters. The bar was flowing with cocktails and conversation! Platters of great food like Mutter Paneer Sliders, Crispy Thai Spring Rolls, Batter Fried Cajun Fish, Kundan Mutton Seekh, Spicy Pistachio Lamb Sausages as well as live Pizza were served. A fun buffet line up from their world cuisine menu was also laid out.

Amongst the esteemed guests were Radhika and SaurabhGadgil, Ritu and Arun Nathani, Sheetal Navani, Preetiand Mohammad Musavi, Rashmi Alevoor, Riaz Lawyer,Abhimanyu Sable, Smita Kulkarni, etc. 

The quirky ambiance, energetic vibe and unusual theme of Donkey’s Arse had the guests head over heels.

Get Admitted to The Social Clinic

The ground floor of the Madness brand has an OPD themed resto-bar called The Social Clinic. This is a space with white lights, gurney sofas, wheelchairs and so many more innovative elements. Doctors and nurses serve the drinks and food with stethoscopes, in beakers, test tubes and syringes! Get treated in style by this fun, young team. 

The cocktails here have a twist, whether it is the Kokum and Ginger Margarita, Townhouse Frog with four spirits, Blue Curacao and Red Bull and the music is modern and keeps the vibe energetic. An all day café format with bites and sandwiches throughout the day makes this a versatile space!

Treat yourself to some exotic cocktail cures, injection shots and exotic drips! The Mediterranean menu with lots of healthy kebabs is sure to speed up your recovery! 

Subhash Sanas, Dr Sattyajeet Naik, Honaji Sanas, Loveena Leonardo, Anuvinder Singh, Usha and AshishChandani and Mubaraka Kuvawala were amongst the guests admitted to The Social Clinic.                                                        

Dashmit Chabbra, Minoti Makim and team Madness including Pratima Soni and Abhijit Rege played hosts to city’s who’s who to launch their new laughter hub Donkey’s Arse and The Social Clinic a fun OPD themed Resto-bar.The