Anhad organizes career assessment, guidance for rural students

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Pune, January 1, 2019: The students from rural parts of India still lack an opportunity to do career assessment and guidance and select an appropriate career for them.

Therefore NGO Anhad has decided to reach out to such areas and people there and provide affordable career assessment and guidance services.

On 28 December 2019, Anhad conducted career assessment and guidance for students of Indapur, a small town, in Pune district of Maharashtra.

Dr Kadam, founder chairperson of Dr Kadam Gurukul Indapur, took an initiative with Anhad.

Career assessment and guidance benefits

1) To assist individuals at a given point in time.
2) To identify their interests, skills and/or work values.
3) To identify the next educational or vocational choice in the sequence that makes up career development.

१) विद्यार्थ्यांना सद्यस्थितीत गरजेचे असलेले वस्तुनिष्ठ मुल्यमापन अत्यंत उपयुक्त ठरते.
२) प्रत्येक विद्यार्थ्याच्या करिअर संदर्भातील आवडी-निवडी, कौशल्ये आणि व्यावसायिक मूल्य आणि तत्व यांचा आराखडा मिळतो.
३)इथून पुढच्या टप्प्यातील योग्य असा शैक्षणिक आणि व्यावसायिक मार्ग निवडताना मदत होते ज्यामुळे करिअर च्या उत्तम वाटचालीला दिशा मिळते.

Parents, teachers and 200 students participated in this program. A career guidance session was conducted in which Anhad CEO Kamlesh Sonawane (psychologist) and COO Tejaswini Bhave (psychologist) guided everyone present there on various career options and how to choose an appropriate career suitable according to one’s aptitude.

Students will be handed over detailed analysis report with personal counseling by psychologist from Anhad.

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