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6 November 2019, Pune- In today’s world, where everyone is a part of the rat-race for success, the students face intense competition, right from the secondary and higher secondary level of education. They are made fully aware of a large number of people relentlessly working towards seizing limited opportunities. One such aspect that makes students recognize the extreme competition is the National Talent Search Examination (NTSE), conducted at the secondary level of education itself. The relentless journey towards only limited scholarships gives students an introduction to the fierce competition that follows in higher levels of education.

The NTSE is a national-level talent search exam that helps in identifying students with outstanding talent or intellect who are eligible for scholarships. The exam is conducted by NCERT at the secondary level to provide scholarships to deserving candidates who possess unique abilities and skills.

Being a national-level examination conducted by the central board of education, there are thousands of aspirants who appear for this examination to test their skills and their chance of getting scholarships for higher education. The competition is cut-throat considering a large number of aspirants, and a student needs a comprehensive and pragmatic understanding of the topics covered in the syllabus. Bookish knowledge of the topics is common among aspirants.

What sets them apart is the students’ capability to apply their knowledge to practical problems within a set time limit. These qualities ensure the success of the students in the NTSE. Mere completion of the syllabus or academic knowledge of the same is not enough to qualify for the scholarships offered by the central board of education. The students need to master unique talents or skills to prove themselves as rightly deserving candidates for the same. The competition is relentless, and so, a high level of preparation is necessary to clear the NTSE. The aspirants must make sure that the foundational concepts of mathematics and science are clear, and they must be able to apply their knowledge to practical problems.

To test their grasp on the subject, the students should take tests on the respective topics. These tests help the students in identifying their strengths, weaknesses, and areas in the topic that need more work. Such tests are a fool-proof method of checking the students’ understanding of the topic covered and also their ability to solve the problems given in a fixed time-frame. The online test series of Allen helps the NTSE aspirants to test their knowledge on various topics in the syllabus.

The tests are prepared by expert faculty who have years of experience in their respective subjects. The carefully curated tests help the students to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, these tests help the students to learn how to function under pressure and a set time-limit. The strategically prepared tests help students to test their problem-solving and time-management skills. The questions are made as per the NTSE exam sample paper .

This ensures that the students are prepared for the kind of questions that may appear in the final NTSE exam. Having prior practice in solving questions that appear in the NTSE exam sample paper helps the students to correctly assess the amount of knowledge and skill necessary to score handsomely in the exam. These tests are essential in determining the clarity in foundational concepts of the subjects and the student’s ability to apply their knowledge to practical problems.

The online test series provide numerous comprehensive analytical reports. These reports help to correctly determine the student’s expertise in a particular topic as well as in the whole syllabus. It rightly identifies the strengths, weaknesses, and focus-areas for the students taking the tests. Moreover, the online test series provides comparative reports that suggest the student’s standing with respect to other aspirants from all over the country who take the test.

This helps in determining how much more work the students need to put in to succeed in the highly competitive examination. Knowing your position with respect to other aspirants is important to determine your strengths and weaknesses.

The online test series by Allen has an easy-to-use and interactive student support system that encourages students to reach out as and when they need it. The strategically designed NTSE online test series helps the students to fully utilize the potential of e-learning to perfect their preparation for the national-level examination.

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