Army Chief Manoj Mukund Naravane says – China and Pakistan are a big threat, will take appropriate action at the right time

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New Delhi, January 12, 2021: Army Chief Manoj Mukund Naravane while addressing the annual conference of the Indian Army explained, “The last year was full of challenges and we have moved forward in the face of it… Pakistan and China remain a big threat to India. Appropriate action will be taken at the right time to deal with them… Terrorism is constantly being promoted by Pakistan, but we have zero tolerance for terrorism… When the right time comes, we will take appropriate action against it.”


While the Army Chief addressed, “There was no violence in Mizoram, there are two groups involved in the violence in Manipur. There is peace in Assam. In this way, the situation in the Northeast has improved in a couple of years.”


The Army Chief further said that not only Ladakh, but the entire LAC has been monitored at a high level. The eighth round at the core commander level has been negotiated, and the 9th round of discussion is awaited. He further said that they were hoping to find a solution through dialogue.

Army Chief Manoj Mukund Naravane, in his inaugural address, stated that a roadmap is in preparation, to develop a technology capable army to meet future challenges. It will focus on incorporating the latest technology.


Earlier, the Army Chief said that the last year was challenging. The main challenge on the northern borders was the Corona transition. He said that constant vigilance safeguards the northern borders and he hopes for the restoration of peace.

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