WhatsApp explains – these users will have the most impact of the new privacy policy

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Harleen Kaur Grewal

Pune, January 12, 2021: WhatsApp has recently updated a new privacy policy. Since then, the company has been subjected to controversy. People are shifting to privacy-focused messaging apps such as Signal and Telegram.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp attempts to control the damage. The company has asserted that the new policy will not affect the privacy of ordinary users. However, it will make more difference to business account users.

The users need to know what the new policy of WhatsApp entails, regarding business accounts. If they are to not use WhatsApp Business, but message a WhatsApp Business Account, WhatsApp will monitor their activities regardless.

WhatsApp has updated its FAQ page on which the company said that every day millions of people from all over the world talk to their customers on WhatsApp.

The company has explained that WhatsApp Business makes it easier, but about business communication, Facebook is clear about their policy.

What is Facebook hosting service? 

According to the company, business communication is very different from connecting with friends or family. Some big businesses require hosting services to administer their communication.

WhatsApp will oversee business communication

The company has made it clear that its business communication will be achieved through phone, email or WhatsApp which they can use for marketing purposes. Apart from this, it can also be utilized for Facebook Ads. For the convenience of customers, the company will label those chats.

New commerce features

People are striding very rapidly towards online shopping. With the help of Facebook’s branded commerce feature, people will be able to show their goods to customers, much like an online store.

Consumers will have easy access to information about the goods they buy. If one is to interact with the shop, their shopping activity will be utilized to improve their shopping experience. It will also be used to show advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. This service is optional. Using this feature the app will explain how the user’s data is being shared with Facebook.

Facebook will provide an option for users to directly access WhatsApp contacts of business accounts through such adverts. Facebook will utilize this information to further offer users advertisements for similar products and business accounts. The company may target direct business, but, they will track the purchase and behaviour of common users through this as well.