AsmitA Movement launched for the welfare of Girl Child and Women Empowerment 

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Pune – October 8, 2015: AsmitA Medical Foundation, social arm of Gupte Hospital Pune, today, announces the launch of AsmitA Movement, a one of its kind non- profit initiative to commemorate the International Girl Child Day. AsmitA Movement is a platform where daughters and also girls who are less privileged can grow together and nurture their individual personalities to attain their true potential.

Families who have girl child/children can associate as members (free of cost) and contribute their efforts & skills for the cause of girl child & development of under-privileged girls. AsmitA Movement will work closely with these families, as these parents of young girls can strongly relate to the issues the girls face. The movement will collectively contribute towards the growth and wellbeing of the female population in our country.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Sanjay Gupte, Managing Trustee, AsmitA Medical Foundation, said, “We at AsmitA Foundation are extremely glad to initiate AsmitA Movement. This initiative aims at bestowing a protected world where girls can indulge and nurture their individual personalities under the collective direction of able mentors. The movement is unique in its offerings and features, as it envisages to provide training to the girl children in different fields, who will then be the future mentors for their peers and communities. This programme will benefit young girls to be suitably prepared and oriented for a dignified and empowered future.”

Mentors will associate with AsmitA Movement in six key categories namely Education and Career guidance; Health & Nutrition, Awareness against Sex Selected Terminations, Safety & Lifestyle challenges in young girls, Sports & fine arts. Trained Professionals from respective fields will conduct workshops, training sessions and regular classes for the participating girls.

Elaborating on the expansion plans of AsmitA Movement Dr. Sanjay Gupte added, “Post our initial success of AsmitA Movement, we are planning to take this initiative in various parts of the state and gradually spread throughout the country. The aim of this movement is to create a volunteer force of girls & families with girl children towards changing the face of the society, leading towards empowerment and equality for girls & women.”

Under this movement, special programs will be conducted towards spreading awareness against sex selected termination by doctor communities and social activists. It is felt that the doctors & the community together have to work with the government authorities to overcome this evil practice of sex selected terminations. For this, AsmitA Movement will act as a catalyst.

Another important area will be self-protection & safety for girls, where mentors will guide the girls on various safety related issues. For instance, Guidance on safe use of internet and social media, Guidelines for girl child safety, Protecting oneself physically in adverse situations, Basic self-protection techniques, Legal help when required in such situations, etc.

 Dr. Sanjay Gupte, Managing Trustee, AsmitA Medical Foundation and Dr. Mrs. Asmita Gupte
Dr. Sanjay Gupte, Managing Trustee, AsmitA Medical Foundation and Dr. Mrs. Asmita Gupte

This programme will play a vital role in providing basic education and opportunities for higher studies to the girls. The movement will offer aptitude testing, career guidance and sponsor education and scholarships for deserving girl students, with the motive to support them to grow in their career.

Towards healthcare and nutrition, trained professionals will address challenges of adolescent girls in terms of nutrition, exercise, sexual health and hygiene. Anemia, obesity, diabetes in young girls, polycystic ovaries & menstrual health issues have come to the fore in recent time in our country & need to be addressed urgently as the adolescent girls form the bridge between the two generations.
In the field of sports and fine arts, experts will guide the girls to choose and excel in the area of their choice.

AsmitA Movement is specifically focused at realization of both individual and collective self-esteem providing inner strength for under privileged girls and women through innovative community practices. Towards this end we are partnering with other NGOs like Jagruti, Swaroop Wardhini & Seva Sahayog Samstha who are working in this field to create life skill learning programmes to make these girls self reliant.

At AsmitA we believe that empowered women not only make empowered families, but also make healthy communities and a great nation! Let’s make our daughters, OUR strengths, and OUR collective pride!

Dedicated & Willing Mentors associated with AsmitA movement in each category
The mentors associated with AsmitA movement are eminent personalities in their own field who have agreed to guide these girls in the various activities.
Mentors in education & career guidance: Dr. Mrs. Vidya Yeravdekar (Principal Director, Symbiosis) & Mr. Atul Kirloskar (Chairman Kirloskar industries), Mr.  Vikas Kakatkar (Vice Chairman DES), Mrs. Ketkar (educationist), Mr. Anuj Khare (corporate training expert)
Mentors in Self protection and safety: IG (CID) Maharshtra State (Rtd.) Mr. A. D. Shinde & Advocates P. P. Paralikar & Gautam Karnik, Cyber- crime expert – Advocate Jayashree Nangare & other team members
Mentors to support in handling lifestyle complications: Dr. Gupte, Dr. Mehandale, Dr. Deshmukh Dr. Watave, Dr. Wagh, Dr. Dabake and the team

Mentors in sports & fine arts: Mr. Abhijit Kunte (chess GM), Mr. Sanjeev Abhyankar, Mrs. Aruna Kelkar

Eminent Nutritionists & psychological counselors have also partnered to support the initiative

AsmitA Movement core team

•       Executive team
–          Dr. Sanjay Gupte
–          Mr. A. D. Shinde, Former IG CID Maharashtra
–          Mr. D. R. Barve, eminent social activist & CA
–          Dr. Mrs. Asmita Gupte
–          Dr. Mrs. Vidya Yeravdekar, Eminent Educationist & Principal Director, Symbiosis

·         Working team

–          50 dedicated workers from various fields including doctors & IT professionals

About AsmitA Medical Foundation:

The Asmita Medical Foundation has been working towards the welfare of society through various mediums, addressing several issues by conducting lectures and health camps in various communities. This Foundation has also been associated with the grass root organizations like Jagruti, Swa-roopwardhini for conducting life skill courses like nursing aid courses for under privileged girls.

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