Ayurveda is an effective therapy on Pancreatic Cancer: Dr Yogesh Bendale

Yogesh Bendale
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Pune, 27th October 2021: Ayurvedic Rasayana therapy is an effective therapy for pancreatic cancer. It shows a very significant improvement in patients’ symptoms and helps prevent worsening of a patient’s quality of life. Also, this therapy was seen to be safe and well tolerated by all the patients.

Pune-based Dr Yogesh Bendale presented the research findings in The World Cancer congress 2021 recently. Dr Bendale is a renowned ayurvedic doctor and also Chairman of Rasayu Cancer clinic.

Bendale highlighted the tireless efforts of physicians and scientists of the Rasayu group to generate a world-class documentation system using globally validated tools that makes such studies possible. In this study, validated scales like FACT-G, FACT-IT and fatigue severity scales were used. Rasayu cancer clinic has developed clinical data management software which makes data capture and retrieval easy. This facilitates the physicians and scientists to better understand the therapeutic outcomes and trends in various cancer types in India. Also, this comprehensive data management system helps to perform statistical analysis and generate globally advanced evidence, the need of the hour for Ayurveda.

The study outcomes clearly demonstrated that Rasayana therapy is a very effective and safe therapy for the management of pancreatic cancer patients. Indian patients’ pancreatic cancer is diagnosed at a very late stage in around 95% of patients. At this stage the disease has spread beyond the pancreas and the patients are not eligible for surgery. In such patients the aim remains palliation of the symptoms, maintaining quality of life and increasing survival, he added.

Further Dr Bendale said, in spite of developments of various newer anticancer therapies, there is no significant improvement in outcomes of pancreatic cancer patients. Pancreatic cancer is particularly deadly because of the pancreas’ location, in the middle of the abdomen and close to vital organs with complex vasculature. Also, tumours that develop in the pancreas typically do not show symptoms until they are grown around the area of the pancreas, or have even spread to other parts of the body. The median survival in advanced-stage pancreatic cancer patients is around 3-6 months. So, Indian patients’ needs a therapy which is safe and offers a better quality of life to patients with better tolerability and increased overall survival.

Rasayu Cancer Clinic Pune is a pioneer in the field of research and development in Ayurveda oncology. In the last one year, more than half a dozen of its research findings were reviewed accepted and presented in globally acclaimed and reputed international conferences in oncology like AACR (American Association of Cancer Research), ASCO (American society of clinical oncology) and KSMO (Korean society of medical oncology), ESMO – European Society of Medical oncologists and SIO (Society of Integrative oncology) to name a few.