Bajaj Finserv Introduces Hi-Tech Mobility Solutions for Differently-Abled Individuals in Pune

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Pune, 28th February 2023: Bajaj Finserv has introduced hi-tech mobility solutions for the approximately 3 crore differently-abled people in India who face mobility challenges and rely on support ecosystems for their basic needs. These individuals are heavily impacted by their restricted mobility, which limits their ability to move outside, earn a livelihood, and grow economically.

The compact wheelchairs provided by Bajaj Finserv are customised to an individual’s posture and energy and come fitted with a motor-powered clip-on device that can convert the wheelchair into a safe, roadworthy vehicle. This eliminates the need to transfer the person into other vehicles and can be easily attached by the user within seconds.

The powered wheelchair has a maximum speed of 25 kmph and can travel up to 25 km per charge. The solution is compatible with rugged conditions to enhance its utility. Recipients can use this solution to access the outdoors, pursue an active and liberated lifestyle, be independent, and explore a world of opportunities, including education and employment.

The introduction of such hi-tech mobility solutions is a game-changer for the differently-abled individuals, enabling them to lead a life that is more self-sufficient, fulfilling, and inclusive. By providing them with the means to move around safely and independently, this technology empowers them to explore their full potential, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for them. The solution is a step towards creating an equitable society where everyone has equal access to mobility and opportunities.