Anil Gadve elected Vishweshwar Bank chairman, Shreyas Rukari elected as vice-chairman

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Pune, February 27, 2023: Anil Gadve and Shreyas Rukari were elected as chairman and vice chairman of The Vishweshwar Co-operative Bank at the meeting of the Bank’s newly-elected Board of Directors, which was held at its headquarters in Pune on Monday. Recently, the Vishweshwar Panel-led by Anil Gadve and Suniel Rukari swept the Vishweshwar Bank elections for 2023-2028, as all their 11 candidates were elected.

The meeting of the Board of Directors was presided by Anand Katke, Deputy Registrar Co-operatives (Co-operative Banks). Anil Gadve is a partner of Pune-based well-known firm Kaka Halwai, while Sheyas Suniel Rukari is an architect.

“With the help of the newly-elected Board of Directors, I intend to take the Bank’s business to Rs 5,000 crores. My aim is also to open new branches of the Bank. Our performance in loan-recovery is strong and we shall make all efforts to the Bank turns ‘Non NPA,” Gadve said.

Newly elected Board of Directors – Rajendra Miraje, Amol Maniyar, Manoj Sakhare, Ajay Doijad, Dattatray Kamthe, Ravindra Mahajan, Subhash Ladge, Ratna Kasbekar, Sulabha Kokate and Chief Executive Officer Shriram Apte were present on the occasion.