BCCI requests for proposals for audio-visual production services for IPL and BCCI Domestic Cricket

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Under this Request For Proposal (RFP), the successful Interested Party will be appointed to provide certain services relating to the live production of all matches for IPL Season 2018 and Domestic Cricket Season 2018-19 (as set out in the Services Agreement scheduled to the RFP) during the period commencing from the date of execution of the Services Agreement till 31st March 2019 (“Term”). It is intended that 1(one) Season of the IPL (i.e. 2018) and 1 (one) Season of Domestic Cricket (i.e. 2018-2019) will be held during the Term. However, BCCI may at its sole discretion extend the Term to include one more Season of IPL (i.e. 2019) and one more Season of Domestic Cricket (i.e. 2019-2020) and may at its discretion further extend the Term to include IPL Season 2020, as more particularly provided for in the Services Agreement.

The terms and conditions governing the submission and evaluation of proposals including eligibility requirements with respect to Production Services are contained in the RFP. Interested Parties may write to the BCCI by email addressed to Chief Executive Officer, BCCI to [email protected] attaching a signed letter on official letterhead requesting for a copy of the RFP Document from 26th January 2018 till 10th February 2018 5PM. The RFP Document will be made available to interested parties by a reply email.

Clarification in relation to the RFP may be sought at any time up to 2PM IST on Thursday, 1st February 2018 and not thereafter unless otherwise decided by BCCI in its discretion. Bids must be submitted at 11AM (IST) on Monday, 12th February 2018 at the place specified in the RFP or any other place as maybe subsequently intimated by BCCI.

The BCCI reserves the right at its discretion to cancel or amend the entire process at any stage and to reject any and all proposals without providing any reason.