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While some films merely set out to entertain the viewers, some show some inflammable issues in society along with entertainment too. One such film called ‘Be Eke Be’ reflects the society around us in our day to day life is all set to sooth our nerves.The film will throw some light on education and administration today.

Three Star Entertainment and Namaste Entertainment Films have produced ‘Be Eke Be’. Vikas Bhageria have produced the film which is presented by Mahendra Kabra and Anita Maheshwari of Hema Foundation and co-produced by Pravin Garje and Chintamani Pandit. The film sets out to talk about the system of education in today’s times and has been directed by Sanchit Yadav who has made an attempt to present a slice of reality. Besides directing the film, Sanchit Yadav has also written the story as well as the screenplay while Abhijeet Kulkarni has penned the meaningful dialogues for the film.

The film shows the system of education in society today and the predicament of the teachers. “Though several films have been made till date on the subject of education and its loopholes, this film sets out to tackle an issue which has not yet been tackled”, says director Sanchit Yadav and adds, “Though every one is aware of the system of education in cities, no one has the time to focus their time and attention on the small villages all over the country. The film drives home the message that a honest teacher has to face several obstacles in pursuit of his profession in different parts of the country.”

An out of the box content coupled with meaningful dialogues and melodious and sweet music make ‘Be Eke Be’ a memorable experience. The film is sure to strike a chord in the hearts of the audiences thanks to its lavish production values, effortless performances and the extra ordinary vision and foresight of the director, feels the producer. The film sets out to tell the plight of not only the villagers of Maharashtra but villages all over the country as a whole which are being deprived of education. It is an attempt to not just preach and advice but also set out to entertain the audiences, even while telling them the bitter truth.

That an actor of the caliber of Sanjay Khapre is one of the pillars who is playing vital part of the film in the role of Madhav Guruji is its biggest strength. Also in the cast are Jaywant Wadkar, Sanchit Yadav, Poornima Wavhal-Yadav, Santosh Ambre, Atul Merchande and Arun Nalawade etc besides child artistes like Sahil Sitare, Pratham Sitare, Vaidehi Ovhal, Snehal Bhatade, agar Gurav, Sanchit Nirmale, Parth Deshpande, Arthav Kharvarkar, Sairaj Kametkar. Swapna Jadhav, Samisha Slape, Prachi Mestry, Pooja Potphade, Neha Pawaskar, Avishkar Shetye etc. The songs have been penned by Sanchit Yadav and Abhijeet Kulkarni. Vilas Gurav has compose the music. Atul Jhagdale is the Cameraman and Kamal Saigal and Vinod Chaurasia are the editors. Art Direction is by Devendra Tawade, VFX effects are by Shekhar Maghade and choreography is by Santosh Ambre. Atul Merchande is the Executive Producer of ‘Be Eke Be’.