Little Millennium conducts Teachers Training Outreach Program in Pune

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With a strong focus on giving quality education at the preschool level, Little Millennium, one of the leading players in the preschool segment, today undertook a massive Teacher Training Session at Kamal Nayan Bajaj Atithi Bhavan, ISKCON Temple, Kondwa Katraj Road, Pune. This educative outreach was conducted by Ms Manjit Legha, Director Academics and Trainings, Little Millennium Education Pvt. Ltd.

Reiterating the strong need to train, educate and upgrade the skill sets of teachers in the Preschool segment, Ms Manjit Legha said, “It is an undisputed fact that early childhood educationis the foundation of all future learning and development for children. Childhood is the most important time for brain development as the capacity for a child to absorb conceptsand learn is the highest during 0 to 8 years of age. Early care has a decisive, long lasting impact on how children develop, their social and cognitive skills, their ability to learn, their capacity to regulate their own emotions. Preschool education is the first big step for a child outside home. This is where children are exposed to a structured curriculum for the first time. A high quality preschool environment creates a joy for learning and provides the child self-confidence that results in a holistic personality development.”

Elaborating on the Little Millennium core values for teachers, Ms Legha said, “Today Little Millennium is synonymous with high quality preschool educationhaving in-depth expertise in early childhood curriculum, strong values, high-quality child-friendly infrastructure, robust systems and processes backed by a talented, passionate team. Our deep understanding about the preschool segment and the teacher training makes us leaders in this very important field of education. Today we have conducted a massive outreach programme with over 400 teachers to upgrade their skills and equip them with global best practices. Our teachers are empowered to focus on nurturing 21st century skills in our children, so that they become lifelong learners, wherever they go. We also equip our teachers with Parent support skills. Parents are beginners too and need immense support on nurturing parenting skills.”

“In a nutshell, we train our teachers to sow the right pre-skills in preschool children for apt skill development later in life. The children from Little Millennium preschools pass out so fully equipped that they have no problem.insettling down in all settings and cultures.”

Speaking on the presence of Little Millennium and its curriculum, Ms. Legha said, “Today we enjoy a leading presence in Pune with over 50 preschool centers operational. We are on an expansion drive and hence it is imperative to strength our core team i.e our own teachers who understand ourdedicated professional approach and core values. Our innovative ‘Seven Petal’ approach ensures the holistic development of every child, through play activities and collaborative group work. The curriculum and structured pedagogy has been developed meticulously by a highly Research-oriented team. Our curriculum follows the ‘Eclectic Model’that takes the best practices from multiple schools of thought on early childhood, for example: the Montessori method developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, Multiple Intelligences approach developed by Howard Gardner, the PlayWaymethod developed by Friedrich Froebel, the Project method created by John Dewey and the Theme Based method. With sound infrastructure, child-friendly ambience, safe & secure environment, every child receives focused personal attention from a team of passionate, qualified teachers”.