Bedwetting is not psychological but related to maturational delay – Dr. Amita Phadnis 

– CME session organised by ONP Hospitals & Kothrud Doctors Association

Pune, March 30, 2018: Bedwetting is often the least discussed topic but with many myths and misconceptions connected. “If the child is wetting the bed in the sleep, it is often associated with mental trauma. But ‘Bedwetting’ is not psychological rather related to maturational delay,” emphasised Dr. Amita Phadnis, leading paediatrician and Director, Oyster and Pearl Hospitals(ONP) during Continuing Medical Education (CME)session organised by ONP & Kothrud Doctors Association in the city.

While Phadnis spoke on ‘Right approach and therapeutic Options to manage Bedwetting’, Dr. Meenal Mehndale enlightened the audience on ‘Stress Incontinence In women’ and Dr. Sagar Bhalerao discussed about excessive urination in the night, ‘Nocturia- Its Impact Evaluation and Diagnosis.’ Dr. Babasaheb Mundhe, Secretary, Dr. Dattaprasad Jangam, President, Kothrud Doctors Association also shared their views on the subject.

Nearly 4 to 14 percent of children deal with bedwetting problems. Phadnisfurther highlighted, “Bedwetting is usually due to improper secretion of ADH (Antidiuretic Hormone) in the body or maturational delay. It means so some children are quick to wake up feeling awkward in sleep and in some others the reflexes of are slow hence taking time to react. Bedwetting can be cured by simple medical treatment.”

Phadnis also mentioned that if the problem of ‘Bedwetting’ reoccurs after 6 months of its closure then it can be linked to mental stress. She explained, “This phase is often referred as ‘Secondary Enuresis’ where ‘Bedwetting’ in children is triggered due to psychological reasons likes divorce of the parents, changing the child’s school or the house, and other unpleasant incidents. Psychotherapy is the best way to deal with this phase.”

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