Bengaluru Advocate Wins Case Against Reliance Retail After Being Forced To Pay For Carry Bag

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Bengaluru, 22nd November 2022: After being required to pay Rs 24.9 for a carry bag after purchasing things totalling more than Rs 2,000, a resident of Bengaluru recently won a lawsuit against India’s largest retailer, Reliance Retail. Ravikiran C (34) won the lawsuit against Reliance Retail, forcing the company to pay Rs 7,000 in restitution for unfair business practices and customer rights violations.


According to ET Now, on July 10, while returning from a temple, Ravikiran and his wife made an impromptu stop at Reliance Smart Point in Nandini Layout. The couple spent approximately Rs 2,007 on food and other household products but were shocked when the salespeople at the billing counter demanded that they pay an additional Rs 24.9 for a carry bag. The 34-year-old, who is also an attorney, protested against paying for the carry bag by presenting the legal implications based on consumer rights, but he was ultimately compelled to purchase the Rs 24.9 bag since he had to bring the things home.


ET Now further reported that Ravikiran went to the Bengaluru urban district consumer disputes redressal commission and lodged a complaint for unfair business practices against Reliance Retail Limited and the manager of the Reliance Smart Point location. In the lawsuit, which started on July 16, the advocate made his case. Reliance received a legal notice, but the retail giant refused to show up, so the court declared it ex-parte.


After a four-month analysis, the court ruled against Reliance Retail. The giant retailed was asked to pay Rs 5,000 to the complainant as compensation and an additional Rs 2,000 for his court processes.