BEST takes preventive measures against COVID-19

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Mumbai, 18th March, 2020: BrihanMumbai Electricity Supply and Transport (BEST) drivers, whose buses are operated by private bus operator MP Group in southern and Western Mumbai, have been proactive in exercising precautions against the ongoing spread of corona virus. The operator has provided handkerchiefs to all the drivers that operate their mini AC buses. The drivers are instructed to cover their mouths and nose to protect themselves from the virus spread through sneezing and coughing. The operator is sanitizing the buses after they reach the bus depot.

Anil Patankar, Chairman BEST said,” The sudden outbreak has definitely caught us unaware. Usually the buses are cleaned once in a week in the depots. In the current situation, we are thoroughly sanitizing all buses in the depot. Also, we are appealing to the passengers to take precautions while commuting. The drivers have been asked to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

AshishChemburkar, committee member of BEST said,” We are proposing BEST authorities to keep sanitizers in every bus. The newly operating mini buses with BEST are taking measures to keep their buses sanitized, this is a good practice. And should be followed by all”

We got in touch with the private bus operator Mr.AbhishekPathak, M.D, M.P Group, whose buses operate in Western and southern parts of Mumbai.

He said ,” Prevention is better than cure. In these testing times when the entire world is gripped by this dangerous and fast spreading virus, each individual should be responsible to do his bit towards creating awareness and taking precautions to curb the further spread of CoViD-19. Practicing basic sanitation is the need of the hour and we have instructed all our drivers to keep their hands clean while entering or exiting the bus. We are making sure that the buses are kept clean before every trip. The health of our bus drivers is of prime importance to us ,hence we have taken up this initiative to look after their safety without hampering the bus service and causing inconvenience to the passengers who solely depend on public transport for their daily commute. . This is a moment when we all have to fight together rather than panicking”