Biden Will Change A Lot In A Few Hours After Becoming President, The Ban On Muslim Countries Will Also Be Lifted

Joe Biden
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America, January 17, 2021: The process for Biden to become the President of America has been completed, just the oath remains. But even before attaining the office of President, Biden has prepared the list of tasks that he will complete on the day of his oath. According to a CNN report, Biden is going to take about 12 important decisions after taking the oath on Wednesday. These decisions will affect not only America but the whole world.

A memo from Ron Klein, who is going to be Biden’s chief of staff, revealed that Biden would sign 12 executive orders on the very first day after sitting in the chair. Through these executive orders, the United States will join the Paris Climate Agreement, the travel ban imposed on Muslim countries shall end as well.

Biden will also give relief packages related to the Coronavirus epidemic to the American people on the first day. Under this, a decision will be taken to defer the loan payment of the students. Also, Biden will make it mandatory to wear masks at all federal properties.

Besides signing all the executive orders, Biden is also working on new laws and new schemes to pass in the parliament. Biden will present a new immigration plan in Parliament within 100 days of taking the oath. Under this scheme, the way will be cleared to give American citizenship to millions of migrants who have been living in America without proper papers.

Biden has also announced an aid of US $ 1.9 trillion under the Corona Virus Relief Package. Biden has also said that he wants the Parliament to prioritize the issue above the rest.

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