Bigg Boss15: Karan Kundrra Upset About His Relationship With Tejasswi, Shamita Shetty Gave Advice

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Mumbai, 11th January 2022: Bigg Boss 15 has now been extended for two more weeks. While some family members were happy with Salman Khan’s announcement, some members present in the house were disappointed to hear this news.

In Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan had slammed Karan Kundrra for not supporting Tejasswi Prakash. After which, Karan looked very upset about this and he once again had a fight with Tejasswi in the house. Due to the things that happened over the weekend, Karan got tears in his eyes.

After a fight with Tejasswi Prakash, Karan Kundrra has a conversation with Shamita Shetty. She asked him “what are you confused about”. Responding to this, Karan Kundrra said, “I am not confused, I am a different kind of person and my experiences of the last two years have been that I had nothing left and I have done whatever things in life. Because of her, everyone was away from me. I had fought with my fans, family, and the world and in the end, I was left with even what I fought for.”

Talking further to Shamita, Karan said “today you are showing that I disrespect women, you have not seen the things around her. I have struggled for 13 years to make myself, which people will forget after listening to today. Only pinpoint to me that I did this wrong, did this, didn’t tell anything behind and behind it. The whole country listens to what Salman Bhai says.”

Shamita Shetty explained to Karan that “you sit with Tejasswi and talk to her about whatever is on your mind or has been spoken to you. You need to understand Tejasswi’s point of view. Whatever you have been told, sit down and talk to her.” To which Karan said, “I have asked many times, but she said that she does not think about me as I have been told.”

Shamita Shetty, replying to the ongoing confusion in Karan Kundrra’s mind about Tejasswi, said, “Tejasswi has a personality of her own, which you liked. You have to accept it completely and if you feel that you have done all that you should have done, then continue that thing. If you have been told so much, then sit alone and ask yourself where did I go wrong.” After getting advice from Shamita, Karan Kundrra was seen praising her in front of Tejasswi.