‘Block’ the scammers ‘Esc’ to safety, Pune Police Cyber Cell Issues Warning Against New Phishing Racket

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Shikha Chaurasia

Pune, October 11, 2020: With the mass audience switching to online mediums due to the novel Coronavirus crisis, the scope of the rise in duping rackets, online thefts and phishing rackets have increased.

A new phishing racket has emerged where the scammers are using fraudulent pop-up ads to dupe the citizens. They enquire about the bank details and after receiving the details of a person, they siphon money out of the bank account.

Pune Police have issued a warning and have directed the citizens to not panic if they come across any such pop-ups or messages. In such a situation, do not share your bank account details. Instead, one should block the pop-ups and press the ‘Esc’ (escape) key and close the browser window.

In order to make the citizens aware the Pune Police have tweeted, “In an attempt to dupe citizens, a phishing racket has been using fraudulent pop up ads. If you come across any such message, do not panic or share your bank details. Press ‘Esc’ and close the browser window. #BlockTheScamsters #CyberSafety.”

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