Book unfolding personality of legendary writer Durga Bhagwat released


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Pune, September 29, 2018 : The personality of legendary writer Durga Bhagwat, who was not only famous for her unique style of writing, but also for her immense love for research and openness for intellectual debate, was beautifully unfolded by Dr. Dattaprasad Dabholkar, renowned scientist and writer and Kumar Ketkar, renowned journalist and MP.

The dignitaries were speaking at the book launch ceremony of a book ‘Bahurupini Durga Bhagwat- Charitra aani Chitra’ written by Anjali Kirtane and published by Manovikas publication.

The book talks about the personality and thinking of Durga Bhagwat and presents many things about her which are not commonly known. At the book launch, Dattaprasad Dabholkar and Kumar Ketkar told their memories of Durga Bhagwat. Publisher Arvind Patkar, Ashish Patkar were present at the program.

Dabholkar mentioned that it is a challenge to first understand Durga Bhagwat and then making the readers understand her personality, which is beautifully done by Anjali Kirtane in this book. ‘‘Bhagwat was like a Kaleidoscope. Every time you will see a new side of her. We were very good friends and used to write to each other. She had a unique kind of greatness in her, which she always maintained, ’’ He said.

Ketkar expressed that the kind of research that Anjali Kirtane has done for this book is outstanding and such work is becoming very rare in current times, especially in the field of biographies. ‘‘Durga Bhagwat had fearlessness along with scholarship. We need to document personalities like Bhagwat who were representatives of Indian Renaissance ecosystem; And Kirtane’s style of research for a book can become an example for such kind of writing,’’ He mentioned.

A documentary created by Kirtane ‘Durga Bhagwat- Ek Shodhkatha’ was also shown at the program.