BSE Commodity Derivatives Segment registers new milestone

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Mumbai, July 9, 2020: The commodity derivatives segment at BSE registered a new high of INR 3,015 crores on July 8. The commodity derivatives segment platform is gaining wide investor participation since the launch of ‘Option in Goods’ in Gold mini and Silver kg from 1 June 2020, which also registered a new high of INR 2,998 crores.

Gold mini and Silver kg ‘Options in goods’ contracts are based on spot prices and are physically settled on expiry. Gold mini contracts which expired at the end of last month were delivered at BSE designated vaults at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, amid this lockdown.

BSE has received extremely positive response from all stakeholders for these contracts and is the market leader in the bullion options segment. In about a month since launch, BSE has become the second largest commodity exchange in terms of turnover.

Sameer Patil, CBO of BSE said “With Commodity ‘options in goods’ contracts, we seek to gain wider participation and add new vibrancy to our commodity derivatives platform. Seamless and integrated trading and delivery at BSE is extremely beneficial for small and mid-level jewellers and bullion dealers, who can not only hedge their price risk but also avail delivery on expiry of the contract.”

BSE thanks the consistent support and active participation of all its members and looks forward to increased volumes in the future.

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