Cab Rates Hiked Six Times Due to Heavy Rains In Pune


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Shivani Somvanshi

Pune, 6th September 2021: We are used to private drivers charging 1.25 per cent fare at night or in times of difficulty. But now companies like Ola and Uber are also looting passengers in times of trouble.

The cab, which otherwise charges a passenger fare of Rs 160 for a distance of about five kilometers from the Shaniwarwada to Sahakar Nagar, demanded a ridiculous amount of Rs 650 to the passenger, she chose to go home soaked in the rain because of these unnecessary charges.

The city received heavy rain on Saturday evening (4 Sep). The rates of Ola, Uber taxis were seen to have increased six times than the original rates for a distance of five kilometers from Shaniwarwada to Tulsibaug Wale colony in Sahakarnagar. Otherwise, cab taxis cost around Rs 120-160. However, a passenger noticed that he was demanded Rs 650 around 8 pm due to rain. Passengers have the experience of surcharge scarcity due to high demand.

However, five times more rent is now being charged. The passenger who experienced Rs 650 opted to go home soaked in rain on a bike instead of going in the cab. Ola cabs and rickshaws turn their backs on passengers during the rains, so Uber’s rickshaws were not available and charged a hefty fare.

Cabs are needed when it rains. Passengers have complained about such on the play store in their feedback section, but Ola and Uber haven’t taken any action.