Camp: Elderly Woman Looted for Rs 20 lakh to heal her back pain

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Mrunal Jadhav

Pune, December 26, 2020: A man allegedly robbed Rs 20 lakh from an elderly woman under the pretext of treating her back pain. She has lodged an FIR with Lashkar Police Station.

The complainant senior woman was walking on the East Street in Camp on December 12 around noon. Due to back pain while walking she was bending. At that time, the accused approached her saying that his mother had similar back pain but after treatment, it was completely healed. The accused then contacted the complainant on her mobile number. He asked the complainant to talk to his mother on call. “I was completely healed after taking the treatment for the back pain”, the woman on phone told the complainant.

After a few days, the accused called the complainant and said that the doctor who heals the back pain has arrived in Pune. He took her to meet the ‘doctor’ who checked he examined her and said that the treatment would cost Rs 20 lakh. The complainant paid the amount.

The incident took place between 12 and 14 December. The complainant lodged a police complainant when she realised that she had been cheated. The police are searching for the accused person as well as the doctor.