Can drinking alcohol cure Coronavirus?

Pune alcohol ban
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New Delhi, March 7,2020 : Everyone is in a state of panic after 30 positive cases have been confirmed about COVID-19 and a number of suspected cases in the country. Masks and sanitizers are being stocked up in the medical stores. The health ministry and WHO are releasing advisories, people are believing about anything they read online. Among several WhatsApp forwards, one encouraged people to drink alcohol and kill the coronavirus.

Can alcohol kill coronavirus?

Once the virus has already entered the body, spraying alcohol on your body or drinking it cannot kill it, says the World Health Organisation. Spraying alcohol can be harmful to the mucus membranes (eyes and mouth) and clothes. You can use alcohol and chlorine to disinfect the surfaces, but they should be used under appropriate recommendations, says WHO. It is wrong to say that consuming alcohol or beer products can help prevent COVID 19.

Precautions that can help:

Hand sanitizers with more than 60 per cent alcohol is an effective way to kill microbes. The virus has an envelope structure which alcohol can attack, but drinking alcohol won’t help if the virus has already entered your body. In order to protect yourself from catching the virus, WHO recommends everyone should frequently wash their hands or use hand sanitizer with at least 60 per cent alcohol in them. Also, avoid touching your face until you wash your hands.