Canada To Deport Over 700 Indian Students Over Fake Visa Documents

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New Delhi, 16th March 2023: Over 700 Indian students were deported from Canada due to their fake Visa documents. These students have received deportation notices from the Canadian Border Security Agency (CBSA). The admission offer letters that these students presented to academic institutions are found to be fake. These visa applications started from 2018 onwards.

As the students received their 2-year diplomas and work licences, the scam was discovered. The students submitted their representations to immigration once they were qualified for permanent residence status in Canada. Students with false visa letters were then issued deportation notifications once their documentation was checked.

According to a report by IANS, these youngsters sought study visas through Brijesh Mishra’s Education Migration Services, Jaladhar.

Agent Brijesh Mishra used to charge each student between Rs 16 and Rs 20 lakh for all costs, including admission fees and other things. The cost of the airfare and the security deposit was not included, though.

As these students filed for permanent residency in Canada in 2018–19, the CBSA carefully examined their admission letters.

The admission offer letters that Indian students supplied as part of their PR application were fake, as were the letters that served as the foundation for the issuance of their visas. Following the discovery of the deception, the CBSA sent notifications of deportation to the students.