Cars From Jeep and Citroen Set to Get Pricier From April 30th

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Pune, April 24, 2024 – Indian automobile enthusiasts may need to dig deeper into their pockets as two prominent companies announce price hikes for their cars and SUVs effective April 30th.

Reports suggest that Jeep and Citroen are gearing up to raise the prices of their vehicles from April 30th. Stellantis has confirmed that both Jeep and Citroen cars will see an increase in prices by the end of April.

The prices of Jeep and Citroen cars are expected to rise by up to 0.5%. This increment could translate into price hikes ranging from four thousand rupees to seventeen thousand rupees for vehicles from both companies. The decision to increase prices stems from escalating input costs and operational expenses.

Citroen offers a variety of models in India, including the C3, C3 Aircross, C5 Aircross, and the EC3 electric car. Additionally, the company is gearing up to launch the Basalt Coupe SUV in the Indian market. The starting showroom price for Citroen’s C3 is 6.16 lakh rupees, while the C3 Aircross starts at 9.99 lakh rupees. The C5 Aircross is priced at 36.91 lakh rupees, and the EC3 electric car starts from 12.69 lakh rupees ex-showroom.

Jeep boasts a strong lineup of SUVs in India, including the Compass, Meridian, Wrangler, and Cherokee. The starting price for the Jeep Compass is 20.69 lakh rupees ex-showroom. Meanwhile, the Meridian SUV is priced at 33.60 lakh rupees, the Wrangler at 62.65 lakh rupees, and the Cherokee starts from 80.50 lakh rupees ex-showroom.

With these impending price hikes, consumers may want to consider making their purchases before April 30th to avoid the increased costs associated with these popular models.