CBSE: 40 thousand student chose skill subject due to the changed pattern of CBSE

CBSE Headquarters in Delhi
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Patna, 14 January 2021: The change in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) examination has shown a positive outcome in schools. After failing in the main subject, the students of class 10th and 12th have started taking advantage of the rules to replace the subject. Talking about Patna zone, 30 thousand students, including 10th and 12th, have registered in the skill-based subject as the sixth subject. In the ninth, 25 thousand students have registered in the skill course, while 15 thousand students have registered in the 11th.

According to new rules, CBSE provides the option to replace the skill subject in the 12th board examination in 2022. Simultaneously, the tenth board has been allowed to return the main subject as the sixth subject since 2020. According to CBSE, if the student fails in one of the three subjects in the 12th board, then students can replace it with the sixth subject (if they have taken the skill subject). This facility will be given to the students on the board result. At the same time, students of the tenth board are being given this facility from the 2020 board examination.

According to the board, in Bihar, most schools do not teach skill subjects. The skill-based subject will be started in many schools, given students’ interest. Schools are applying to the board for starting the courses. In the new session, skill-based subjects will be started in many Bihar schools. So far, more than 50 schools have applied to start the subject.

The board’s effort will now reduce the number of students failing in the examination. Also, they will be able to avoid compartmental examination. According to the board, every year, 30 thousand students appear in the compartmental test.