CBSE School Gives 96 Marks Out Of 100 To Everyone, Board Stops 

CBSE Headquarters in Delhi
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Meerut, 15th July 2021: Many CBSE schools have forgotten the rules in the race to improve their board exam results.  Each student was given 96 or more marks. Due to this, the marks of most of the students were between 96 to 100. On this, CBSE has now asked the schools to review it again and take time to modulate the marks as per the guidelines.

CBSE believes that not every student can score 96 or more. Under the formula, it was suggested that schools would upload the average marks of each student considering the three-year result. However, some schools have given maximum marks to every student to improve the result. Now a guideline has been issued to the schools to rectify this situation. This time the examinations could not be held due to the Corona epidemic. In such a situation, it has been decided to prepare the result based on the results of the previous years of the students.

Sudhanshu Shekhar, the city coordinator of board exams in Meerut and principal of KL International School, told that the schools had to give marks according to the formula set by the CBSE. For example, if the marks of ten students are in the range of 70 to 80, then looking at their previous record, different marks were to be given in the same range. It cannot be that everyone is given 77, 79 marks.

The result will be messed up

Rahul Kesarwani, Secretary, Meerut School Sahodaya and CIS, said that according to the previous record of the student, CBSE had asked to give marks between 90 to 100, while some schools have raised the marks of each of their students to 96 and 99. If this happens then the marks of other students will have to be reduced a lot, because the historical year of the school is also being checked by CBSE. Accordingly, the percentage of the result will be disturbed.