Central government opposes ‘same-sex marriage’,  ‘Homosexual Relationship Cannot Be Compared With Family’

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New Delhi, February 25, 2021: The Central Government has opposed the legalization of same-sex marriage in the Delhi High Court, expressing its stand on the petitions filed seeking approval for gay marriage. The government claimed that homosexual relationships and the families made out of them cannot be compared to families of the Indian culture.

The central government has presented its stand in the court in response to a petition seeking to approve gay marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act and the Special Marriage Act. Several petitions have been filed in the High Court seeking approval for gay marriage. Among the many appeals, two women, who have been in a relationship, have demanded from the High Court their right to marry the one they love.

The Central Government said that, while marriage is a concern of the people bound by the contract which has an effect merely on their personal lives, one cannot disregard it as the business of only the couple concerned.

The government said, “A homosexual relationship, sexual and romantic, cannot be compared to a family unit as per the Indian standards, which has a husband, wife, and children, the biological male being the ‘husband’, biological female being the ‘wife’ and their union produces the offspring, which is their children.”