Pune: Student’s Foot Crushed by PMPML Bus in Wagholi

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Wagholi, 4th May 2024: A serious incident occurred in Pune where a student’s foot was run over by a PMPML bus while it was making a turn. The incident occurred at the Kesnand Phata BRT bus stand in Wagholi, resulting in severe injuries to a young girl. A case has been registered against the bus driver in connection with the incident.

The injured student, identified as Vaishnavi Mishra, had her father, Jaichand Mishra, file a police complaint regarding the matter. The case has been lodged against the bus driver, Ajay Kachhave. According to the police report, Vaishnavi is a student at JSPM College. After classes, she was waiting at the bus stand to catch a bus home.

As she waited, a bus approached the stand. While the driver was manoeuvring the turn, Vaishnavi was struck by the bus, causing her foot to be run over by its wheel and resulting in serious injuries. She was promptly rushed to the hospital for treatment.

It’s noted that bus drivers often operate their vehicles inattentively, sometimes failing to notice vehicles behind them as they focus solely on moving forward. As a result, accidents like this are common. Citizens emphasize the need for bus drivers to adhere to strict discipline and attentiveness while on the road.