Centre Issues New Vaccination Guidelines: States To Receive Vaccines Based On Population, Cases Of Corona

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New Delhi, 8th June 2021: While providing relief to the states from the purchase of Covid-19 vaccines, the central government issued guidelines heeding to the vaccination policy.


Under this, the allocation and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines and many other things have been clarified. The new guidelines state that the vaccines will be allotted to the states according to their population, spread of corona infection, and speed of vaccination. Apart from this, if there was any wastage of vaccines, it may also be comprised in the allocation of vaccines. The new guideline issued by the Centre will come into effect from June 21.


The guidelines also state that the prices of Covid-19 vaccines in private hospitals will be decided by the companies. Apart from this, the states have been given an exemption to decide the priority group for vaccination of people above 18 years of age. Under the new guidelines, the states will be informed ahead about the vaccination allotment by the central government. The states will have to pass the information to the district administration along with the details of the number of vaccinations allotted to every district. The government has asked the district administration to reach out to the general public about the availability of vaccines.


State governments will monitor the vaccination drive of private hospitals


The central government has given out instructions heeding to the cost of vaccines in private hospitals. Under the new order, the price of vaccines in private hospitals will be fixed by the manufacturing companies. In case of any changes, the hospitals will be informed in advance. In addition to the fixed price of the vaccine, a service charge of up to Rs 150 can be recovered from private hospitals for a single dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. The task of regulating has been entrusted to the state governments.


The central government will supply 75 percent of the vaccines in the country, states get relief from procurement.


PM Narendra Modi, while addressing the country at 5 pm on Monday, announced a change in the vaccination policy. He had said, “The central government will take the responsibility of providing 25 percent of the vaccines. The government would procure 75 percent of the vaccines and supply them to the states. Apart from this, private hospitals will be able to buy 25 percent of their quota of vaccines directly from companies.”

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