Civil Aviation Minister Scolds Officials Over Cleanliness at Pune Airport’s New Terminal

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Sumit Singh

Viman Nagar, 12th January 2024: Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia, on an inspection visit to the new terminal of Pune Airport, expressed dissatisfaction with the cleanliness standards during his tour. The minister took officials to task after observing accumulated dust and spots in various areas of the new facility.

Scheduled for inauguration in February, the new terminal is set to be unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Scindia, however, raised concerns about the cleanliness of the space, emphasizing the need for immediate attention.


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In a scolding tone delivered in Marathi, Scindia directed his frustration towards the Airport Authority officials, stating, “I want cleanliness.” Despite the ongoing planning for the inauguration, the minister stressed the importance of maintaining a pristine environment at the Pune Airport’s new terminal.

The incident underscores the significance of meeting cleanliness standards in preparation for the much-anticipated inauguration, with the Civil Aviation Minister emphasizing the need for swift corrective actions.